Current Projects

Kigali International Airport Expansion of apron and taxiway

After a $17m upgrade of the terminal area and landside of Kigali International Airport, another renovation is already ongoing at the airside. This includes expansion of the apron and a connecting taxiway at the South of the airfield and a partial parallel taxiway connecting the existing main apron to the runaway in the North. There is also construction of a new aircraft hangar.

With a current swelling passenger number as well as the national airline, Rwandair’s noticeable growth, the number of aircrafts, passengers, and cargo are projected to increase as the expansion efforts continue in order to improve handling capacities across all facilities at KIA and other domestic airports.

Completion of runaway and apron upgrade at Kamembe Airport

Kamembe Airport located in the South of the country was recently given an upgrade on both runway and apron. This refurbishment was intended to improve the aircraft handling capacity to a Q400.

This is also in line with increasing domestic traffic that has tripled over the past ten years. The airport is strategically positioned for tourists and businessmen from the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo.

Feasibility study for expansion of Kamembe and Gisenyi Airports

As Rwanda’s economy continues the upward trend and as statistically evidenced by increase both in domestic and   international traffic, expansion works are being made on both international and domestic airports. The country’s vision to be an aviation hub as well as projections based on the consistently soaring traffic numbers show that the need to expand handling capacities is inevitable.

It is in this regard that a feasibility study has been completed for the expansion works on both Kamembe and Gisenyi Airports respectively located in the South and western parts of the country.